Men – It’s Your Fault SF Women Are Screwed Up

girl texting in San FranciscoYep, it’s all your fault!

  • You are the one who pushed women down for decades, so now you are “enjoying” the fruits of your labor – watching and suffering from how they desperately try to overcompensate for not having rights 50 years ago with corporate jobs and over-the-top masculine attitude, voices, and lifestyle.
  • You are the one who owns real estate and who drove the rent prices up to make women struggle to make ends meet more than ever before, especially in large cities, making those women work 15 hour days and not have either time or energy to even think about meaningful romance and sex.
  • You are the one who built cellphones and made women addicted and glued to texting, and being attached to their work e-mail 24/7. Don’t blame them for acting disinterested in the world around them and for ruining your chances at day game in most places.
  • You are the one who built Facebook and Instagram to encourage women to become attention whores. It’s your fault that every fat, ugly bitch thinks she is God’s gift to this world and to the male kind specifically. You are the one who posts comments on her Facebook photos about how sexy she is, even if she completely lacking in any trace of sex appeal.
  • You are the one who built, OkCupid, Tinder, and POF for women to be overwhelmed and confused with attention from way too many guys.  Don’t complain that women can’t make plans with you and chronically flake.
  • You are the one who tells women who you barely know how much you like or even love them just to get laid. Why are you surprised that they are full of themselves on one hand, and they are too jaded to trust you on the other hand?
  • You are the one who came up with tattoos and piercing so that women can desecrate their body under the guise of being a rebel. Don’t complain that every other girl looks like the Girl with a Dragon Tattoo. You gave her the tools to look like a vampire.
  • You are the one who stares at women everywhere you go without making a move, making them lose respect for you and your betafied ways.
  • You are the one who created alcohol and delivered it to women to get them drunk and make them do things not because they really want to, but because their judgment is clouded or completely impaired.
  • You are the one who created a mediocre educational system, where anyone with half a brain can get an MBA. You give out diplomas from “top” schools to those who wouldn’t even graduate from a mid-range high-school in any European or Asian country. Why are you surprised that women think so highly of themselves and their intellectual abilities?
  • You are the one who is boring and who has nothing else to give except what you can buy with your money, so don’t blame women so much for being greedy and materialistic, and for caring how much money you have and what kind of car you drive. Perhaps once you have a few interesting stories, thoughts or jokes to share, and once you are able to go beyond small talk on your dates, things will turn around and your money won’t matter to her as much.
  • You are the one who covered the vast majority of the populated land in this country with suburbs, forcing people to be isolated and drive everywhere instead of walking, taking public transportation, and running into random people when going about your day. It’s your fault that women are bored and they turn to online shopping and anti-depressants.

Stop blaming women for how fucked up they are. It’s all your fault.

It’s Good For You To Be Treated Like Shit Every Now and Then

angry girl slapping hitting a guyYou have become all too used to being catered to no matter where you go. (800) customer support numbers that are there for you 24/7, generous refund and cancellation policies, waiters, hostesses and baristas kissing your ass, and that “customer is always” right bs have really gotten into your head.

Being treated like shit can really help you get over yourself and that repulsive sense of entitlement of yours, burst your little first-world bubble, and remind you that you are not all that, not to mention the fact that it can also be a turn-on. This is especially true if you are white.

The Main Reason People Do and Like Most Things Is….

Mama's San Francisconot because it’s good, but because everyone else seems to like it. The idea is this – if there is a line outside the door, it doesn’t matter whether it’s something you actually like or not. You should stand in that line, because if others do, it must be worth waiting for, even if it means wasting two hours of your morning waiting in line to have breakfast. It’s not like you have anything better to do besides eat and drink, if you can to SF for 1-2 days.

Why bother and employ your own taste and preferences. The decision has already been made for you – on Yelp or elsewhere. All you need to do is to follow the herd.

San Francisco Is Destined to Get More and More Congested

There aren’t that many place to go in this mighty country if you are determined not to give up on the simple pleasures of life such as walking, people watching, street cafes and alike. Between San Francisco, NYC, Chicago, Seattle, and a few other patches of civilization, the rest of the populated areas of the country are covered with comatose suburbia and ghettos.

As more people learn that there is a better way to live than dine at TGIF, and they flock toward SF as soon as they find a job that would allow them to afford it, the city will necessary get more crowded and more congested. Just wait till The Foundry and other developments near the Bay Bridge are completed. Thousands more will have to get there somehow. Many of them will drive through the same lanes that are already jammed today. I expect Market & 1st and the streets leading to that intersection to turn into a bigger and bigger mess, unless the city comes up with a radical solution to this problem. I am not sure what that solution can be. No matter how expensive the parking will be, those who can afford paying north of $3,500.00 for an industrial glass box to live in, $15 for a drink and $25 for organic lunch, will surely be able to pay for parking no matter what the fees are.

If You Suspect That The Women in SF Have a Low Sex Drive…

… I first have to agree with you. But can you blame them? With all the stress of high rent, obnoxious roommate, asshole boos at work and less than perfect performance reviews in addition to constant threat of being laid off, the need to worry about clothes, make-up, and hair, and trying to avoid going insane by distracting yourself with fad diets, yoga, and getting drunk – this leaves very little time or energy to feel actual desire to have sex or experience true romance. The little time that women have to just wonder or fantasize about things is now occupied with never ending texting and commenting on pictures on Facebook. Since hitting on women or even giving them compliments is considered “creepy” outside of the weekend bar hours, the sexual tension on the streets of SF now is lower than ever before.

But guess what – the majority of the guys downtown are equally disinterested in sex. The long work hours and the uncertainty of their business ideas are not exactly conducive to a stronger or more frequent erection. Local men used to stare at attractive women who would walk by down the streets swaying their hips in tight pants. Now, men are so preoccupied with raising capital for a start-up or building the next hot mobile app that they don’t even notice how life’s greatest pleasures fly right by them. I could totally see a situation where a beautiful naked woman would walk by a table of engineers, and they wouldn’t even turn to look. I really do hope though that I am wrong about this one…..

Sad But Not Surprising News About Our Distorted Priorities

cellphones and sexReading this article about the fact that one third of Americans would rather give up sex than their cellphones for one week, I was not surprised at all. Almost every day I see how the men, who would normally be drooling over a hot girl who walks by them, do not even notice her with their peripheral vision because they are so focused on texting. Who needs vasectomy when you have i-messaging, Viber and Skype?

But then again, if it’s giving up sex for just one weak we are talking about, it should be fairly easy to choose a cellphone over sex, especially for women in SF. After all, so many women are too overwhelmed with their start-up jobs, too exhausted, too jaded and often too depressed to even want to have sex, let alone put any effort into meeting and spending time with those guys who can potentially bless them in the bedroom.