The Douchification of Online Dating Continues with BeLinked

belinked lame dating appThere is a new way to meet even more lame and more pretentious people than you are naturally surrounded by in FiDi  through a new app that combines the douche factor of LinkedIn and the superficial, lazy swiping idea of Tinder – BeLinked. Supposedly, it’s an app like Tinder but it is attached to your Linkedin Profile. You can anonymously swipe people in your industry left and right (not necessarily your connections) and get matched. If you thought you were profoundly tired of hearing the good old “So… what do you do?” cliche, imagine how stale and sodium free the first date conversations are going to be between the BeLinked drones. The biggest initial challenge on these dates will be to not let the vomit erupt as soon as you hear “So….. how do like this new app?” or even worse – going straight to discussing the only thing they most likely have in common  – work – and boring each other death in under 20 minutes.

BTW, I propose a new name for this app – BeDouched.

It’s Your Fault SF Women Are Fucked Up

  • girl holding diploma mbaYou are the one who built cellphones and made women addicted and glued to texting, and being attached to their work e-mail 24/7. Don’t blame them for acting disinterested in the world around them and for ruining your chances at day game.
  • You are the one who built Facebook and Instagram to encourage women to become attention whores. It’s your fault that every fat, ugly bitch thinks she is God’s gift to this world and to the male kind specifically. You are the one who posts comments on her Facebook photos about how sexy she is, even if she completely lacking  any hint of sex appeal.
  • You are the one who built, OkCupid, and Tinder for women to be overwhelmed and confused with attention from way too many guys.  Don’t complain that women can’t make plans with you and chronically flake.
  • You are the one who tells women who you barely know how wonderful they are just to get laid. Why are you surprised that they are full of themselves on one hand, and they are too jaded to trust you on the other hand?
  • You are the one who came up with tattoos and piercing so that women can desecrate their body under the guise of being a rebel. Don’t complain that every other girl looks like the Girl with a Dragon Tattoo. You gave her the tools to look like a vampire.
  • You are the one who stares at women everywhere you go without making a move, making them lose respect for you and your betafied ways.
  • You are the one who created alcohol and delivered it to women to get them drunk and make them do things not because they really want to, but because their judgment is clouded or completely impaired.
  • You are the one who created a mediocre educational system, where anyone with half a brain can get an MBA. You give out diplomas from “top” schools to those who wouldn’t even graduate from a mid-range high-school in any European or Asian country. Why are you surprised that women with these worthless academic labels think so highly of themselves and have such an arrogant aura to them?
  • You are the one who made women work over 12 hours a day to pay rent and keep up with the latest fashion and local dining habits. It’s your fault they walk around with stress-out cunt-faces and hardly ever smile or make eye contact with anyone.
  • You are the one who is boring and who has nothing else to give except what you can buy with your money, so don’t blame women so much for being greedy and materialistic, and for caring how much money you have and what kind of car you drive. Perhaps once you have a few interesting stories, thoughts or jokes to share, and once you are able to go beyond small talk on your dates, things will turn around and your money won’t matter to her as much.

Stop blaming women for how fucked up they are. It’s pretty much all your fault.

Flyers for the Hottest San Francisco Parties of 2014

Have you been wondering why the nightlife has been so comatose lately in “the city”? Come on, we both know it has nothing to do with holidays, weather and all these other bs excuses that we hear all the time.

The explanation is very simple. Every minute that any cute girl of any legal drinking age spends sending messages on OkCupid, swiping Tinder, posting, tagging or IM’ng on Facebook, messing on the Instagram, or just texting back and forth about nothing is the minute that translates into hours not spent dressing up and going out clubbing late at night. If girls are not out, what’s the incentive for the straight guys to want to go out? It’s not a secret that we find sausage fest to be depressing an aesthetically repulsive.

Hence, below are the flyers for the hottest “parties” in SF for 2014. I expect it to only get worse in the years to come.


Once such iconic places as 1015, DNA Lounge, Holy Cow, The Endup and alike slowly go out of business because no one goes out, there will be fewer place to go and as a result – even less incentive for the young crowed to get off their asses, to get away from their laptops and i-phones, and go out.
okcupid-san-franciscoinstagram san franciscofacebook san franciscotinder san franciscojdate-san-franciscoi-phone-san-francisco

“Return of Queens” – A Promising Blog for Women is Doomed to Becoming Bland and Vanilla

Originally, Return of Queens was inspired by the famously controversial men’s blog Return of Kings. ROQ (Return of Queens) was started by a woman or a group of women, and it has been dedicated to reviving traditional feminine values, femininity and to “raise the awareness of anti-feminism” as their header says. That’s a noble cause, to say the least, especially during these toughs times, when women are more and more confused about what it means to be a woman, especially here in San Francisco.

Unfortunately, the owners of ROQ makes a few critical mistakes that will necessary make their site less interesting less worthy of reading. Leaving a side that the quality of writing of most articles is C+/B- , banning men from writing or posting comments is a recipe for one sided and extremely incomplete discourse. . Not allowing men to participate in the discussion about dating, love and sex means that the women who read those articles only get one side of the story, and they are missing out on something that would be so important and useful to their better understanding of gender dynamics – the men’s opinion on the same issues. And that’s a shame.

By the way, I would rate most ROK’s articles at B+/A-, and quite a few deserve to be called classic pieces of modern wisdom). I also know that ROK provides for a full freedom of speech. They don’t care what the commenters’ gender is, and they certainly don’t pride themselves on “heavy moderation”. It’s a shame that ROQ  is enforcing such unreasonable censorship that hurts it so much more than helps, and I really hope they will change this pointless policy and would allow men to voice their opinions on that site in order to make it more objective, more complete and more interesting.


A Six Step Guide to Becoming a Certified San Francisco Beta

san francisco beta guys1. Grow up in an uptight, white family, where talking about sex is as inappropriate as showing any sexual interest in or appreciation for women’s beauty, and where commenting on a woman’s appearance is an insult to a female kind.

2. Go to the kind of high school and college where the gossip and other drama will lead you to having even more issues than you have already had before coming into that school.

3. Get a job downtown SF or in the South Bay in tech where you would sit in front of the computer for 16 hours or more a day, and where you would have little or no healthy social interaction beyond discussing work or having empty happy-hour conversations.

4. Go out on a few bad, boring dates with a few stuck up, “independent” career women,  who are preferably blondes who think they are God’s gift and who take 3 days to text you back, so you feel even worse about yourself, and start believing that all women are that bland, masculine, and uptight. Even better if they are completely unexcited about meeting you and grace you with a 30-min coffee “date”.

5. Immerse in the culture of low testosterone, where no guy (except some black guys) really checks out a girl, let alone tries to make a move anywhere outside of Tinder/OkCupid.

6. Agree with everything every girl says, concede to being wrong as often as possible, quietly wait for her unfounded outbursts to pass without calling her on her shit, when due, and become a devoted white knight in as many other ways as possible.

Apparently Hate Makes Cream Rise to the Top

This little blog has slightly over 100 organic followers now (i.e. without any help of social media or advertising). I looked at many of the followers’ blogs and pretty much all of them struck me as interesting and insightful, regardless of the topic they were covering. I find it interesting, surprising and flattering that this blog, which aims to mock the darker sides of San Francisco, attracts such quality readers. Under the risk of indulging in self-flattery, I am tempted to conclude that hating or at least appreciating hate and it’s derivatives – sarcasm and cynicism – is a sign of a sharp mind.

SF’s Cool Spirit Continues Being Evaporated One Cool Low Key Coffee Shop at a Time

tullys-fillmore-jacksonThe potential 75% rent increase renewal kills the last SF Tully’s Coffee. How sad. I guess a mellow, not-in-yo-face coffee house with snacks that are different from your generic Starbucks / Peet’s crap and strong, but not too strong, coffee doesn’t deserve a spot in the city anymore.

What kind of establishment is going to occupy the Southwest corner of Fillmore / Jackson next? Let me take a few a guesses:

* An overpriced boutique with very few items to choose from, that hardly has a single soul enter its doors (like Rag and Bone that took over the Royal Ground’s space a few blocks down the street); or
* Another salon for blow drying hair, or something else equally vain lame; or
* Another sterile, bland, douchy, overrated restaurant.

I am just happy to know that there are places out there, like Tokyo, where Tully’s seems to be doing just fine. You better enjoy The Grove, Quetzel down on Polk and the few coffee houses that ares till on life support in the Mission and Divisadero while they last.