Ten Reasons Your Next Travel Destination Should Be Moscow

moscow-vdnkh-fountains1. Moscow is 18 times bigger.
2. Moscow is 1000 times cleaner.
3. Moscow has no (visible) homelessness, or smell of urine on the streets.
4. Moscow is full of 24 hour cafes.
5. Moscow is a home to the kinds of delicious teas you haven’t tried before and you won’t find in too many others places.
6. Moscow is full of 24 hour flower shops.
7. Moscow is not a tourist trap for obvious political reasons. The fact that it’s unpopular in the world makes it all the more special of a destination.
8. Moscow will inspire you to love more, sooner and more intensely with its common PDA’s. You might have forgotten what it means to love, adore, and court, but observing the behavior of the local youth will be a strong reminder. Hurry, before it gets poisoned by Tinder and alike, like it has been in our blessed locality.
9. Moscow is exotic. Its architecture and dimensions are unlikely of any other city.
10. Moscow is full of huge, well-maintained majestic parks.